The traditional time to enjoy a glass of Port is at the end of the meal, with Port considered by some to be the ultimate relaxation wine. You can find Six Grapes by the glass in many fine restaurants, and when you’re not quite ready to go home, what better way to complete a memorable evening with friends or family than with a sip of delicious Port.

At home, unlike most wines, Six Grapes can be left open for several weeks without significant spoilage. It comes with a convenient bar-top closure, so you can pour a glass or two from the same bottle and make it last for multiple occasions. In warmer weather, a light chill will make Six Grapes an ideal post-barbecue sipper.


“Graham's Six Grapes Port has always been the quintessential port, the one that people start with and the one they keep going back to.
When I first tasted it I was astonished to find such a deliciously sweet yet balanced wine with so much concentration.  As the years went on and I became more familiar with the port category I have grown to appreciate all the styles from vintage to tawny and colheita, but I keep coming back to Six Grapes.
It offers pure hedonistic pleasure and there are times when wine doesn't need to command 100% of the attention in the room.
Six Grapes is never flashy, trying to grab too much attention but it's a wonderful demure and comforting companion in any setting.”

Rebecca Chapa  (Wine and Spirits Educator, Writer/ Certified Sommelier / Certified Wine Educator


Six Grapes is a wine that can be enjoyed equally well on its own or with an accompaniment of dessert, cheese or a simple piece of dark chocolate. One of the attractions of top quality young Port is the freshness of the finish, with a slight tartness caused by the natural acidity of the grapes. This fresh acidity counters the powerful fruit and the higher residual sweetness that is typical to Port. So it is a wine that will hold up extremely well in the company of berry- or chocolate- based desserts. We recommend serving Six Grapes with dark berry fruit compotes, fresh seasonal berries or chocolate mousse. 
Or if cheese is your thing, Six Grapes goes wonderfully with an Aged Gouda, a Mature Cheddar or Blue Cheese. 

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