Founded in Oporto in 1820 by William & John Graham, the company has developed over time an unmatched reputation as one of the greatest names in Port.

This legacy continues in the hands of the Symington family, owners of Graham’s since 1970, as a reflection of their dedication to making outstandingly good Ports through five generations.



The first records of the name Six Grapes being used as a wine brand as opposed to a barrel code date back to the first decade of the twentieth century. At the time most Port was shipped to customers in barrel and bottled at destination. 

By then a number of leading shippers registered names for their own proprietary blends, and Graham chose ‘Six Grapes’ for the rich, fruit forward blend of young wines that had originally been earmarked to become Graham’s Vintage but which had not been included in the final Vintage blend. 

When the luxury passenger liner ‘Queen Mary’ made her maiden voyage across the Atlantic in 1936, Six Grapes was proudly featured on the First Class menu . We commemorated this historical landmark by ensuring that Six Grapes was served at the first Dinner of the maiden voyage of the ‘Queen Mary II’ in 2004.
Since 1936 the Six Grapes style has changed very little.
What has indeed evolved over time has been the presentation. Compare the 1930’s label on the left with the familiar label of today on the right.
At W & J Graham’s we have been careful to maintain the prominence of the curious hand drawn grape bunch symbol that has been associated with this fine blend of Port for over a century.
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